About me



  • I love my family and spending time with family and friends
  • I Love weight training
  • I Love the UFC & MMA
  • I Love to help others achieve their fitness goals
  • I Love learning new things
  • I Love my Staffordshire Bull Terrier Boy Thor.
  • I Love the beach and being outdoors in the warm.
  • I Love Stand Up Paddle Boarding - A great work out.
  • I Love being strong and independent.
  • I Love and require honesty in those I keep close.
  • I Love to have FUN!
  • I Love to watch a good movie (when I have time)
  • I Love spending time at home.


  • Train with Desire, Desire to be better tomorrow than you are today!
  • The Harder you Work, the Luckier you get!
  • Actions speak louder than words!
  • Give more than you take!
  • No Excuses!
  • You are in control!
  • You get one life, be happy!


  • I am a strong believer in education and life long learning in both University and life skills
  • I have a Masters and Bachelor Degrees in Information Systems
  • I am a fully qualified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer
  • I am also a fully qualified Hairdresser

Cover Girl for FHM Magazine

SAN Andreas the movie 

Australia Day the movie

Spartan Australia TV Show

Hoges - TV Movie

Mako Mermaids - TV Show

Star Casino - TV Commercial

Fitness Expo Fitness Celebrity

Author of Achieving Success

Featured in the following Magazines:

  • FHM
  • Oxygen
  • Ms. Fitness
  • Ultra Fit
  • Ironman
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Muscle Mag
  • Chick Magazine
  • Women in Sport
  • Australian Security
  • Endeavour Magazine
  • Plus newspapers and other print media.

TV Shows - Mako Island 3, Morning Shift, Ten, Prime and Win News,

TV Commercials for Star Casino, UBet, Cenovis Vitamins, Devine Homes, Vikings Heath and Fitness Centre, Body Connection and loads of print advertisements.